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Gofishohio Fishing Article Library
Here is our current library of fishing articles. Please feel free to browse through.
This will ALWAYS be a work in progress. You'll find new additions regularly.
Take a new tip, trick, or tactic on the water with you the next time out!
Ohio Authors | National Authors
Bass | Carp | Catfish | Steelhead | Walleye
Ohio Authors
Jack Kiser - Ohio's Buckeye Angler
Catfish Articles
Tim Lange - You may know him as "Doc"
Catfishing after the hard water disappears River Current and Flathead Catfish
Riggings for Flatheads The Jerk on the end of the pole
Cold Water Cold Cats Depth Finders / Fish Finders
Typical River Presentations Fishing Dam Tailraces
Katchaser Robby Robinson - You know him as "katfish"
Catfish and Raindrops
Walleye Fishing Articles
Jim Corey - Southern Ohio Walleye Club "Top Gun" and "Angler of the Year" in 2000.
Qualifier for the 2002 Cabela's Walleye National Team Championship!

Jim Corey and Cripple Creek Bait & Tackle joined the Gofishohio Community in January 2001!

Heavy Metal for Walleye Speed and Size For Mid-Winter 'Eyes?
Articles from National Writers
Bass Fishing Articles
Roger Lee Brown - The "Bass Coach"
Soft and Hard Jerk Baits Finesse Fishing
Choosing the Right Lures Spinnerbaits - A Bait You Should Really Try
Fish Attractants Jigging Spoons
Paul Crawford
Paul Crawford is an avid tournament fisherman who funds his fishing with a day job as an Engineering Consultant.
After 40+ years of chasing bass, and 20 years fishing everything from local clubs to national tournament trails,
he has seen and heard a lot. And as the old saying goes, experience is a wonderful thing, it allows you to
recognize a mistake when you make it again. President of his local bass club and running an
Open Bass Trail, Paul publishes a monthly newsletter on various aspects of bass fishing.
Flippin' with Flowers A Look in the Mirror School's In!
Classic Crankbaits Super Lines Super Lines for '98
Oh, to be in Carolina Getting Started in Bass Fishing So, You Want to be A Pro?
Getting on Top of Things;
A Top Water Primer
Ignoring The Pros Turn Those Christmas Trees
into Bushpiles
Thinking Like A Bass The Art of Pre-Fishing A Spinnerbait Primer
  GPS 101  
Tom Lester
Tom has fished for most of his 36 years to some degree or another.  He fishes competitively in bass tournaments and
is beginning his professional bass fishing career in the BASS Invitational circuit and the Everstart Series. Tom lives with
his wife, Kelly, in Corsicana, Texas, only a few miles from Richland-Chambers reservoir, one of the hottest new bass
lakes to open in Texas in the past ten years.  He formally resided in Cleburne, Texas, where he guided, part-time, for
largemouth and smallmouth bass. Tom is currently on the field staff for Abu Garcia, Norman Lures, Inspiration Lures
and Bill Lewis Lures, and on the pro staff for Kalin's and Castaway Rods, P-Line, Stores It and Nuwave Products. 
Night Fishing Women and The Outdoors Plugging the Top for Sandbass
A Little Help from Your Friend For Big Bites, Turn to the
Little Mouths
Think! About Boating Safety
Hook a Kid! In the Heat of the Night Share the Heritage
Winterizing Now can Save
Problems Down the Road
Summer Schooling Bass Fisherman;
Friend or Foe?
Springtime Bass,
Doing Their Thing
Springtime Bassin' is
Right Around the Corner
Summertime Bassin' on
Richland Chambers
A Neighborly Visit A Dream Come True
Jim Porter

Jim is disguised as an aerospace engineering manager, but he is actually a "Harry & Charley Certified Week-End
Semi- Pro" and a successful outdoor writer. He guides special parties for bass about 20 times a year. Jim has
approximately 300 published pieces and has written for most fishing major publications (BassMaster, Bass'N,
etc., etc.). His most current endeavor is 'The Hungry (but, lazy) Man's Recipe Book and Other Assorted Stuff',
due out whenever he has the money to publish it. Readers who know him say Jim 'writes like he talks and
knows his stuff'.

In 1972-74, he was the "Alabama Sportsman' on ABC-TV in Huntsville, Ala., one of the first 'filmed on location' programs.
He prepared two freshwater fishing courses for the University of Alabama. In 1975, he and another individual started
Military Bass Anglers Assoc. (MBAA), which is still going strong World-wide. Only B.A.S.S. is older than MBAA.
He has 37 bass over 10 lb.. to his credit, with a 15 lb. Stick Marsh critter being the top.

Fables and Facts of Fishing Autumn Gold Drag
The Summer Dog Days Summer/Fall/Winter Transition Two Key Traits of
Successful Anglers
What Kinda Deal? The Hookset Chef J. Porter's Beef Jerky
Tidal Water Bassin' Late Fall/Winter Locations
and Lures
The Forgotten Lure -
The Crankbait
Grubby Bass Death of a Lake Buddy and The Possum
Homely Bass

Born Again! The Phenomenon
of Lake Drawdown

The Slider
Taking Care of Fisherman Bassin' in Muddy Water Ledges and Drops -
The Structure Basics
Cranky Fisherman A Reminder Memories
The Flying Lure Worm Rigs; How & When
to use them.
It's Shiner Time!
Charles Stuart
Gitzits - The Bass Classic Bait Top Water All Day! Crankbait Fishing for
Bass, Walleye, Pike
Worm Fishing - The Basics So You Want to Turn Pro? Bass Fishing in Winter
Here's a "kicker" from gofishohio - The Belly Boat Report
The Belly Boat Report

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